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CoreFS is a very basic network file system. The file system allows users to access files stored on the file server from remote machines. The goal of this file system is to give file system developers some form of basic distributed file system, which can be later extended as per the developer's requirement, through an API. We will provide some core features - hence the name "CoreFS". The Corefs API allows one to easily integrate/add new functions (e.g., encryption, checking of access permissions, establishing secure sessions) without having to make any modifications to CoreFS. The API allows a developer to trap or replace only the required file system and network calls and perform localized modifications. Hopefully, this file system can prove to be good starting point for someone who is planning to implement experimental networked file systems using FUSE.

Note, this file system does not include any security, file I/O synchronization, cache coherency, and many other advanced functionalities typically provided by networked file sytems. This is not a file system to be deployed in practice as is; rather, it is for the programmers to extend as they wish. A complete API is included in CoreFS for this purpose. The included basic encrypted file system is intended to provide an example of the usage of the API. In the future, we may extend CoreFS to add some nice security features. CoreFS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any form of warranty.

CoreFS is written in C, and its only dependencies are FUSE. CoreFS is distributed under a BSD license.